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Apartado 50, EC São Pedro do Estoril
2765-501 São Pedro do Estoril

PT50 0033 0000 4534 7808 946 05

Washed Textured Cotton Rug


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We believe that greater transparency will help lead the change towards a more sustainable future. As a step in this long-term commitment, we’re sharing how and where our products are made wherever possible.
All of our products are made by independent suppliers, often in developing countries where our presence can make a real difference. Our business helps to create jobs and independence, particularly for women — consequently lifting people out of poverty and contributing to economic growth. We only work with partners who share our respect for people and the environment, and who are willing to work with us to improve their practices. All suppliers and factories must sign our strict Sustainability Commitment, which includes requirements for fair wages and good working conditions for all. We employ a dedicated sustainability staff in our worldwide production offices to make sure the commitment is followed.

Informação adicional


Jute 100%

Care instructions

Not washable


Natural white/black, Patterned


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